Is using software for posting your ads on craigslist a good choice?

Online marketplace today is probably the best gift of technology for many people. Now, people don’t have to go to a store physically and look for the products. Moreover, they don’t even have to go the distances to hire a house for themselves. They can easily do it now by tapping on their smartphones or laptops. This is the reason online marketplaces are on the rise more than ever. This type of places basically does a simple thing, let a seller sell a product and let a buyer buy it. They just act as a medium.

If you have something to sell and you are thinking of online selling, you can do it on craigslist. For that you need to post the ads of your product (or products) here and let people have a look at what you are offering at which price.

Posting an ad is not a rocket science though, but when it’s craigslist, you need to have some technical knowledge. You can follow one of the three mediums of posting-

  1. Plain old doing on your own.
  2. Hire some expert team to do the task of posting.
  3. Download and install an ad posting software.

Auto posting software craigslist

Posting ads with your own hands is the best option to take. But if you are a big seller and managing quite a lot of products to sell, it may not be possible for you to do all the things personally. Still, who can beat you in doing your own work yourself?

You can also hire a specialized team to post your ads. Most of such teams have the manpower to deal with your pool of ads and notifying you if any circumstance arises. Normally these types of companies have a well organized package of payment. You can just choose your package; provide your product’s information and the rest will be carried out by them.

The third but not very famous way of posting is through an automated ad posting software. Various software companies are offering you different ad posting softwares with varied features. Though the basics are the same. The software will generate a new craigslist account for every ad as needed, generate an IP and post your ads. But frankly, this will be a bullshit idea if you choose this option. There is a greater risk of going your posts ‘ghost’ or they may even be deleted. Nonetheless, your ads will be ‘flagged’ as well by the competitors.

So don’t go for the automated craigslist posting software. Hire a team. And the best option is, do it for yourself.

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    Still is it work auto posting in CL ?