How to write an engaging craigslist ad

Craigslist ad writing needs to maintain some formalities because your content quality is your first expression. It displays your quality and professionalism to the customers. In fact, your success highly depends on the quality of the contents of the ads. Therefore, I am going to tell some important aspects of craigslist ad writing for your better understanding today. In craigslist ad writing, you should focus on following areas:

                   *Attractive Headlines

                   *Related Photo

                   *Customer friendly content

                   *An easy way to contact


  *Attractive headline

Attractive Headline does not mean writing everything in all caps lock. Now the days few people have some wrong ideas about using caps lock in the headline. They think it easily attracts the customers’ interest and increases the selling. It is true that caps locked writing easily catch customers eyes but it cannot lead the customer to buy or get the offer. People who need product really investigate the quality, durability, and benefits of the particular product. So when you write the title, you would better keep in mind why people should buy your products. I mean, you should write the headline with the offers in few words so that customer feels a sensation to buy the product or click to the given link.


*Related Photo

A related photo tells the half story. Besides, it is important in craigslist ad writing. It is also important to choose a related and clear photo that represents your product and offers. Not only that a photo also fingers your sense of taste and professionalism. However, I heard of many people speaking to use several photos in craigslist ads. I think this is a stereotyped idea, even after you can use more than one images. But be sure, the photos just need to be royalty-free if downloaded from the internet or self took the photo is highly appreciate able.


 *Customer friendly content

You should write customer friendly content while writing craigslist ads. Are you thinking how customer friendly content looks like? Don’t you? Well, I am going to make you clear. In fact, customer friendly content is meant that the types of content that is easily understood by the customers. The following features make an ad as a customer friendly:

♦Bold the important points
♦Provide the contact information
♦Do not use different font size
♦Using a real photo
♦Avoiding hazy words
♦Using proper grammar
♦Staying into the point

*An easy way to contact

In craigslist ad writing, you need to provide an easy way so that viewers can easily contact you. In this regard, E-mail is widely used. Using E-mail carries your professional business attitude. On the other hand, you can also use your business phone number to ensure customer better experience. Of course, people who like urgent selling are now using phone number lately. Well, you can keep both of them.


In fine, I hope you can understand every detail of craigslist ad writings. So keep doing business for the long run.




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