How to hire a Craigslist ad poster

If you have opened a new venture, whether it is a small physical shop or an online based store, posting ads on craigslist may be a good source of the marketing of your products, making sales and overall, creating a brand value of your company.

Posting ads on your own is a tough job, because you got to take care of the entire operation of your store. It will be tough for yourself to get sufficient time. Even if you get time, if you do not have any prior experience, you will have to learn the whole procedure first, and believe me, that’s a hell of a job. So don’t try to accomplish everything on your own and hire an experienced craigslist ad poster or two.

Hiring ad posters can be done in two ways.

  • If you have anyone who is young and looking for a small job for a couple of extra dollars to spend with friends, you can tell him to learn how to post ads on craigslist and then hire him to post your ads. It will be low on your money, so you get an extra privilege of saving some cash. But remember; only go for this option if you have a budget constraint. Because new ad posters can fail to post ads that will go ‘live’. In that case, it will take time for your ads to reach the intended people.
  • The best option to accomplish this task is to hire craigslist ad posting specialists from an online workplace. You can visit one of many such workplaces to find the right person for your job. For that you have to follow some simple steps. They are-

Craigslist posting service

  1. Go to an online workplace from where you can hire a freelancer. simple you can search google ” Craigslist posting service”
  2. Log in to any one of these sites. Now you will need to register yourself as a contractor there. For that, go to the ‘register’ option and select ‘register as a contractor’. Now fill in the required fields and complete the procedure. Once registered, you can now post ads to hire workers for CL ad posting. But before that, decide how much money you are willing to pay for a single ‘live post’.
  3. If you post such a job, and if your payment is handsome enough, you will get some notifications that people are interested in doing your job. They will send you mails from where you can see how many candidates have applied for your job.
  4. Sort from the pool of applicants by viewing their experience level and select some possible candidates.
  5. Send replies to them and fix an interview time. Normally the interview is done on skype. You may choose to use other softwares as well, but do inform the applicants about that.
  6. Take interviews. See who is or are capable enough to complete the task. You may also ask them to submit some demo before finally hiring.
  7. After all these steps, you can now finally hire a professional ad poster. After hiring, send him/her/them the necessary information about your ad and monitor regularly if they are posting it or if your ad is going live.